Botanically yours

Attention. The featured image is actually brain imaging and not a floral part at all. 


Horticultural Societies

A good place to start is with gardens or rather the gardening act and here are some great english language gardening blogs.


Botanical Curiosities and Ethnobotanical folklore

We all have our favorites from whatever reasons. Plants that have stunned us, plants that have caught our eye, plants that are good to gather around us as therapeutically appropriate.

The french parisian based Jardin des Plantes makes a point of talking about its collections as the seasons progress.

But Kew gardens remain the jewel. With the New York botanical gardens on a par.

Intersting smaller gardens include the Chelsea Physic Garden in London.


People Plant Connection

Plants are people too. There is a current trend in anthropology and philosophy, based In the new advanced in botanical science that have afforded us with new accounts of plant life. In fact the rehabilitation of the plant species tend to realign the animal/plant kingdoms so that we are invited to be aware of the interconnections.

Here are a few titles

Daniel Chamovitz. What a plant knows : a field guide to the senses. Scientific American /Farrah, Staus and Giroux, New York, 2012

Mathew Hall. Plants as persons: a philosophical botany. State University of New York Press. New York. 2011.

Micheal Marder. Plant thinking. A philosophy of Vegetal LIfe. Columbia University Press, New York, 2013.

Th.C.W. Oudemans. Plantaardig. Vegetative filosofie. KNNV Uitgeverij, Zeitung, 2014


Plant Care

There are resources all over the world wide web concerning plant care and outdoor gardening, as those blogs mentioned above. Horticultural therapists must be certain to provide maintenance education to ensure client success with plants. its also important to provide summary information on troubleshooting (insects, parasites, possible difficulties).

Indoor tropicals can be a challenge although there are several considered industrially sturdy, great and pertinent for certain populations. There are several classic tomes worth acquiring. However botanical gardens are excellent places to cross pollinate and learn more about the species many plant hunters lost fortune and lives over to bring back to our temperate climes.

One of my favourite blogs is written by a Mr. Subjunctive based in the USA. He writes about indoor tropicals with panache and great affection…even those he doesn’t like or those who have disappointed. Plants are the strangest people is a PG13 style blog well worth the visit for its unique handle of anthropomorphism as a way of delivering expert plant counsel.

Otherwise more typical and general, easily accessible sites include this one on indoor house plants . Another with some good explanations on light (although it comes from a commercial site.) There are enough choices and stylistic approaches that one can take ones pick.

Another favorite, with a substantial number of followers to speak to its success is Dave’s Garden. This website is a treasure trove for outdoor gardening as well as container gardening indoors. While the site design itself makes the pages look overcrowded and unkempt and therefore distracting, you will find something to inspire every time you visit.

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