Birds, beasts and plants of a feather….

screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-23-19-08A favourite little book of poems, mostly forgotten today is by DH Lawrence, better known for his once censored, when not banned, Lady Chatterly’s Lover. His 1923 publication, written mostly during his travels in Italy, contains odes to fruit, flowers and trees, but also to animals, insects…and birds. You can peruse a copy of Birds, Beasts and Flowers here.


Birds of Paris

Walls, roofs, sidewalks of Paris

Nature in Abandoned Paris lots

Biodiversity in the trees of Paris

Biodiversity in Paris parks and Gardens

Common woodland animals of Paris region


One thought on “Birds, beasts and plants of a feather….

  1. it’s so dangerous going on your blog. I end up in all sortsof places Can i get back to russian now? xxe ps thanks for the feed


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