The logo featured on this post refers to the French Federation of theraputic gardens and horticultural therapy of which I am happy to be a founding member.

The French Federation Gardens Nature & Health,  FFJNS est. 2018, is the brainchild of a group of professionals in the fields of garden and landscape design, horticultural therapy, ecotherapy, environmental health, ecology, mental and medical health, education, art therapy, social work and other various health allied human services industries.

The Federation’s mission is to advocate for professionals, educate the public and lobby institutional forces on issues concerning therapeutic gardens, accessibility to Nature and health and wellness.

For professionals designing with Nature, working in and with Nature, or engaging people in garden and plant related activities in order to support therapeutic goals, the FFJNS is meant as a dynamic forum strengthening links across and between sectors.

For further information on activities and membership enrollment, but also ressources on therapeutic gardens, horticultural therapy and ecotherapy, you are invited to consult various pages on the  french language website.

A primary resource generally speaking but also of great interest on the website is the french language bibliography (under construction).

The AHTA Bibliography

For those looking for english language research, here is the AHTA version, a fairly exhaustive bibliography which remains pertinent, even if not inclusive of the most recent works.

Please click on the link below for the pdf file. 


By Matthew Wichrowski, MSW, HTR,

Barbara Fanning LCSW & Anna ”Anya” Burova

Glass Garden Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine NYULMC

A search was done in the following databases using the key words: horticulture, horticultural therapy, nature-based therapy, gardening, and gardening therapy.

Agricola Cinahl Eric Medline Ovid Psycinfo

The reference lists from selected articles were analyzed for further citations that may not have come up from the data-base searches. This is a good method for finding related work and background theory for a certain subject.

Certain journals focus on themes pertinent to HT work. These include: The Journal of Environmental Psychology, Environment and Behavior,HortTechnology, Horticultural Science, Acta Horticulturae. The Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine, HERD, and Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine are also good journals to check periodically for new developments. Articles from the Journal of Therapeutic Horticulture are not included in this data base. These are available on the AHTA website.

There are also many useful articles published in an assortment of conference proceedings i,e, People-Plant Symposiums etc.. Some of these are included in this data-base, but many others will have to wait for an update of this project. There are also more papers available regarding school gardens from the AGRICOLA data-base. This work contains some book references but this is another area that deserves its own data-base.

Acknowledgements- A great big thanks to Anna Marie Castagnetta for her hard work and patience in typing and copy editing this list, and

Diane Relf, who provided her reference list which served as a start for this project.

AHTA_Research_Bibliography_ 2014_update

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