Popular Press on Nature and Wellbeing

In the past few years, mainstream press across the world has amply taken on its role of vulgarisation of academic research concerning the benefits of exposure to nature.

Here are a number of popular or layman’s press articles.

From the seriousness of the  Scientific American to the poised familiarity of the reputable National geographic.

The popular UK newspaper such as the Telegraph  has pieces on gardening, and a San Francisco based television station is talking about Ecotherapy and referencing British research.

Where the New York Times reviews urban farming for health, the Guardian is keen on children and nature.

Nature prescriptions such as those encouraged by DC Park Rx are investigated by the Slate and in the Washington Post while the Nature cure has its piece in the Atlantic.

There is no absence of critics, irreverent, such as the crew at Nature Rx who have made a series of spoof drug commercials. But also the constructive criticism of ecologists who point out the exploitative “use” of Nature such as in this article.

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